Multiclima made a heat pump system of


The first in Bulgaria Green kindergarten


Prime Minister opened the first green kindergarten in Bulgaria. The heating system, built by MULTICLIMA Ltd, uses completely environmental energy sources. More >>


Multiclima made


The first in Bulgaria heat pump system with COP 8.4


Tests of foreign experts showed that MULTICLIMA heat pump installation reaches a coefficient of performance COP 8,4 and annual savings exceeding 20 000 euro! More >>


Multiclima made


Geothermal installation of residence "Skalsko"


Multiclima has completed the renovation of the heating installation at the “Skalsko” Hunting Lodge with a ground source heat pump with surface collector (DX Technology). More >>




official partner of Heliotherm


In early 2009 MULTICLIMA Ltd. became an official partner of HELIOTHERM - Austria for Bulgaria ... More >>




Leader in the manufacture of heat pumps


The company has sold more than 25 000 heat pumps and has over 25 000 satisfied customers worldwide.... More >>



Recognition for Multiclima:

Our project award from HELIOTHERM


Company HELIOTHERM awarded the prestigious award "HEAT PUMP PROJECT OF THE MONTH - OCTOBER 2011" MULTICLIMA... More >>



The Heat pumps provide 70-80% cheaper heating for your building!


Heat pumps Heliotherm

Economical heating and cooling of buildings with heat pump systems

Heat pump Heliotherm
Heat pump Heliotherm®. Official partner of Heliotherm for Bulgaria: Multiclima Ltd.
Research, design, installation and maintenance of

heat pump heating system

MULTICLIMA LTD. designs and installs heat pumps systems: for heating in cold seasons and for cooling during the hot seasons of buildings: houses, villas, administrative and production buildings, etc.; for heating of clean domestic hot water; heating of water for pools, etc.

We also perform all related preliminary studies and geothermal wells. We make the maintenance and service of the system after its installation.

In order to create energy saving installation a heat pump is necessary.

How do we save energy by a heat pump?

Unlike water pumps, which exhaust water from the water source, heat pumps take up heat from the environment:

  • from the ground;
  • from the underground water;
  • from the air.

Then the heat pump transfers this heat energy to the water in the pipes of the building installation. Depending on the three sources of heating energy from the environment: ground, underground water and air, have been created three types of heat pumps:

Our specialists will advise you which type of heat pump to choose for your particular case. It is more important to understand where comes from the saving of energy for the heating.

How can you withdraw heat from a colder body, e.g. ground water at a temperature of 12 ° C and pass it to a warmer body - the water in the heating system, violating the natural law for the passing of heat from a warmer to a colder body? You will have to use energy to drive the pump.

Then what is the energy savings?

The explanation is that for every 1 kWh of electricity consumed to drive the pump, we obtain from it 4-5 times more heat!

You apply 1 kWh of electricity and receive 4-5 kWh heat! The more efficient a heat pump is, the more heating energy will be obtained for every 1 kWh of electricity.

How to measure the efficiency of the heat pump?

Efficiency of the heat pump

The efficiency of a heat pump in heating mode is described by the so-called coefficient of performance COP (Coefficient of Performance). It shows how much heat we get from the pump at a consumption rate of 1 kWh of electricity.

For example: If you have a heat pump with a COP = 4.8, this means that from 1 kWh of electrical energy the output will be 4.8 kWh heat energy! Nearly 5 times more!

Ефективност на термопомпа

Therefore, the heat pump systems can provide over 70% energy efficiency for heating depending on the heat pump and the type of radiators used.

High-efficiency heat pumps Heliotherm

MULTICLIMA Ltd. mounted in their heating systems the high efficiency and reliable HELIOTHERM heat pumps - a world leader in the manufacturing of heat pumps.

The HELIOTHERM company has an R&D laboratory, holds dozens of registered international patents for technological innovations in heat pumps and has been awarded international awards for improving the efficiency of heat pumps.

With heat pumps HELIOTHERM ® MULTICLIMA built the only heat pump installation in Bulgaria with efficiency COP = 8.4 and received the prestigious award of Heliotherm Austria "Heat pump project of the month - Oct. 11". More about the project HERE.

Since 2009 MULTICLIMA is the official partner of Heliotherm Austria for Bulgaria.
More about the company Heliotherm >>

Do not save money on a heat pump!

The technical characteristics of the heat pump are the key factor for the efficiency of the installation, not the cost of the heat pump itself. A cheaper heat pump suggests more expensive heating.

If you buy a little more expensive heat pump, you will have a heating system that will save annually a lot more money for heating than the cheaper one. This means that you will regain your investment in the installation much faster!

When choosing a heat pump, do not think for its price but for its coefficient of performance COP! To have a heating system that provides you maximum economy of costs for heating and short term recovery of the investment, buy a reliable heat pump with high COP!

The high COP in just a few months we will refund the difference in price between the different types of heat pumps on the market!

For more efficient heat pump installation

A heating system with a heat pump will reduce even more your heating costs if you extract electrical energy for the pump from the sun via SOLAR PANELS.

Another way to increase the efficiency of the heating system with a heat pump is to put RADIANT FLOOR HEATING in the building – a heating, which has much better heat transfer than traditional radiators or fan convectors.

Except an installation with a heat pump for building heating and cooling MULTICLIMA can design and build for you a solar system, radiant floor or wall heating.

So you will have the most effective and economical heating installation.